Celebrate the Passover this Holy Week

We can't be together for our Passover Meal this year, so we have created a video so you can paricipate in the comfort of your own home.  All you need to celebrate the Passover is:

  • A meal you can share with your household

  • Candles of any type

  • Drink to use for the ceremony (Wine is good!)

  • A bowl and towel for washing hands (Ritually - do your CV wash before beginning the Passover!)

  • A bowl of salt water (label it so you don't accidentally wash you hands in it!)

  • Some Parsley or other herbs

  • Bread (If you have children, hide one small piece for the Hide & Seek) 

  • Some horseradish (or something bitter)

  • Some dates or sweet fruit (Or you can make haroseth from apples, nuts, dates and sweet wine - recipe here: )



You can download the service book for the Passover here and follow the service with the video on our YouTube Channel.